Are you finding it difficult to know exactly what to focus on during your training? Perhaps you don't really have a game plan or systemized approach to learning the incredibly vast art of jiu jitsu?

Well, let my experience be your guide. Download this FREE 11 page pdf that is sure to help you at any stage during your jiu jitsu journey! I've created this quick, but information packed resource to help you simplify, systemize, optimize and enhance your jiu jitsu journey. It contains some extremely useful tips and methods that I have found to help me and my students over the last 25 years of training and coaching alongside the World's best Jiu Jitsu and MMA athletes. 



The “Must Have” Kit to Help You Progress Faster

This valuable resource will help systematize and give direction to your training . Here's what you'll get when you download the kit. (it’s FREE!):

The Ladder of Success
Learn a simple but amazingly valuable core mindset approach to help give you direction during your training and accelerate your learning curve.

The Enhancement Cheatsheet
12 super useful tips that I have discovered over my 25 years in the art to help you maximize your training before, during and after. Stay motivated and on track!

The Training Calendar Template
Use my training calendar template to visually track your training days, weeks, and months. It's a remarkably simple but effective method to help you stay on track. 

The Journal Template
Reflection is a key component to growth. Use my journaling template to take notes, sketch techniques, solve problems and reflect on your daily training. 

A Note from Shawn...

“I created this resource of exceptionally useful tools to help give you structure, guidance and a "mental direction" throughout your jiu jitsu life. 

I am constantly seeking to simplify the learning process so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your training, improve learning efficiency and accelerate your learning curve.

In this kit, you'll find some valuable tips for before, during and after training to get you primed for learning and help you retain what you've just trained. You will learn 2 core mindsets that will power your jiu jitsu from white belt through black belt in The Ladder of Success (something that I will be mentioning in many of my upcoming online tutorials). 

 I am incredibly passionate about coaching jiu jitsu and am excited to help you get the most out of your journey!" 

- Shawn


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